Pugos technologies is an innovation organization established by a group of exceptionally experienced designers and exploration experts in the field of modern cameras and pictures handling. Our joined aptitude in the field of mechanical planning, programming, and gadgets give us the influence to fabricate top-notch items for mechanization and review. We have turned into the believed accomplice of our clients through our scope of camera-based savvy, excellent frameworks with unparalleled elements utilizing state of the art innovations.



Our Vision

To surpass customer expectations and achieve high levels of consumer satisfaction we continuously work to explore and innovate in the field of automation and inspection. We maintain our market-leading position by adapting to the environment.

Our Service

Pugos builds advanced sorting technology products for automated sorting and inspection of various commodities. Leveraging the experience gained over years, we build optical sorting machines that go with specific requirements of our customers.

Our Goal

In Pugos the primary goal is to provide cost effective high quality sorting system with unmatched features using cutting edge technology. Our state-of-the-art sorting machines detect and remove foreign bodies as well as damaged.


Our Clients